The Koggala  



Koggala is the ideal base from which to enjoy day excursions to the surrounding places of interest, such as Kataragama or the Yala National Park. With minimum effort you can enjoy day trips to places of historical and cultural value or travel to nearby popular beach areas. At the end of the day you can come back to Koggala to enjoy the evening.

  • Galle Fort

    Galle Fort

    A day visit to the famous Galle Fort is a must. This historically important fortress spans about 36 hectares of land and gives visitors a glimpse into a bygone era. The fortress was built by the Dutch during their occupation of the island in the 16th century and showcases a mix of their traditional architecture along with some Asian influence. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers many hours of pleasure, as you roam around the walkways and visit the quaint cafes, restaurants and shops and of course take in the site of the ocean beating against the fortified walls.

  • Yala National Park

    Yala National Park

    Another hotspot for wildlife enthusiasts the Yala National Park is a semi arid thorny shrub along with dense forest. It is the ideal environment Sri Lanka’s wild elephant, the elusive leopard and other mammals such as the Golden Palm Civet, the Toque Macaque and the Fishing Cat to mention a few. In fact the park has the distinction of having the largest density of leopard in the world. Yala has a variety of ecosystems from forests to freshwater and marine wetlands.

  • Bundala National Wildlife Park

    Bundala National Wildlife Park

    Only about 15 km east of Hambantota is the Bundala National Wildlife Park and it too plays host to a variety of wild animals. Crocodiles, turtles, various species of birds and elephants can all be observed in their natural habitat. It also has a massive variety of fauna while protecting an important area of coastal wetland and is a location well worth visiting.

  • Udawalawe


    For elephant lovers Udawalawe is a must visit as the national park is home to herds of elephants. Elephants are not the only wildlife to be found at this park though as there are also wild buffalos and leopards to mention a few others. This is the third most visited park in the island as visitors can watch the majestic elephants in their natural habitat. It is important as a habitat for water birds as well.

  • Kataragama


    Kataragama is located in the deep south of Sri Lanka and is a place of high religious significance. It revered by the Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims alike. It is considered as a sacred city as it has a Buddhist temple, Hindu shrine and an Islamic Mosque all within the premises and many travel miles even from the days of yore, in the belief of the religious power of the place. Many devotees consider it a must to bathe in the Menik Ganga, which translates as Gem River for it is said to have divine properties.

  • Sinharaja Forest Reserve

    Sinharaja Forest Reserve

    Meaning Kingdom of the Lion the Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also a World Biosphere Reserve and has numerous species of endemic animals to Sri Lanka. This national park has a dense foliage and vegetation and is as such ideal for the animal population to thrive. Visitors can be thrilled with sights of giant squirrels, the purple faced Langur and on rare occasions, wild elephants and maybe even leopards.

  • Kanneliya Forest Reserve

    Kanneliya Forest Reserve

    Enjoy the unique experience of a waterfall bath under the pristine waters of the Kanneliya Waterfall. Trek through the jungle area to reach this waterfall and experience the calming effective of nature. Learn more about plants endemic to Sri Lanka as you enjoy this forest reserve.

  • Mulkirigala


    Mulkirigala is a very famous Buddhist shrine situated in the Hambantota District, northwest of Tangalle. These rock temples are situated in the midst of a dense wood of coconut trees. You have to climb up about a hundred steps to reach the caves that house large statues of the reclining Buddha along with smaller ones of Buddha seated and standing. There are also fascinating wall paintings depicting the torment of sinners. Further on top perched upon a rock is a small temple from which amazing views of the surroundings can be enjoyed.