The Koggala  


Places to visit in Koggala

Koggala hotels are the ideal base from which to visit such places of interest as the popular Galle Fort, the Yala National Park and of course the famous Kataragama Devalaya. You can explore the down south coastal area of Sri Lanka such as the Sinharaja Forest Reserve or the Udawalawe National Park or the Yala National Park with ease, while coming back to your calming Koggala accommodation to rejuvenate.

  • Kataluva Purvarama Maha Viharaya

    Kataluva Purvarama Maha Viharaya

    Illustrating an interesting piece of social history the 13th century Kataluva Purvarama Maha Viharaya is one of the most interesting temples located in south Sri Lanka. It is well known for its Kandyan style paintings some of which date back 200 years. They depict the 500 previous lives of Lord Buddha. Another interesting fact is that there are cameo style paintings of Queen Victoria and the Queen Mother in gratitude for ensuring the free practice of Buddhism during the British occupation of Sri Lanka.

  • Kottawa Reserve

    Kottawa Reserve

    The Kottawa Reserve is a relatively unknown reserve and as such has an untouched quality that is very appreciable. Spanning around 15 acres the reserve gives an insight into Sri Lanka’s rich biodiversity as it is home to around 100 endemic species of trees and 12 bird species. Visitors can lose themselves in the dense silence that encompasses the reserve as the canopy of trees provides shade. Walk along picturesque streams and try to catch a glimpse of a giant squirrel or a monkey that call the reserve home.

  • Hiyare Rain Forest

    Hiyare Rain Forest

    Just about 40 minutes from Koggala is the pristinely preserved Hiyare Rain Forest, which also functions as an Animal Rescue Programme. A visit here will bring you very close to injured wild animals that have been rescued and are receiving treatment. In most cases the treated animals once healed are released back into the wild. However, in special cases when releasing to the wild is not an option the animal becomes a permanent resident. The rainforest spans 600 acres and is filled with interesting varieties of fauna and flora.

  • Dondra Lighthouse

    Dondra Lighthouse

    Laying claim to being the tallest lighthouse in the country is the Dondra Head Lighthouse, situated near the southernmost point of Sri Lanka. The lighthouse was designed by Sir James Nicholas Douglass and constructed by William Douglass. It has seven floors and provides an impressive view from the top. It is said that all the bricks for construction were imported from England.

  • Blow Hole, Dikwella

    Blow Hole, Dikwella

    The Blow Hole in Dikwella is the only one in the country and is an exhilarating experience. After an interesting hike you will hear the whoosh sound of the waves rushing through the narrow fracture in the middle of the rock. This rush through the narrow fracture causes the water to gush and spray out high into the air. This is most active during the monsoon period but at other times too you can appreciate the natural beauty and wonder of the surrounding area. This has been developed into a tourist attraction and is an enjoyable experience.

  • Kongala Sudarshnaramaya

    Kongala Sudarshnaramaya

    The Kongala Sudarshnaramaya was built during the Kandyan period and has a Viharaya that is unique in that it is both an image house and a stupa. It is surrounded by lush paddy fields in a village location at the foot of a hill. The statues and paintings at the image house date back to the early 20th century (1924 AC).

  • Kirala Kelle Estuary

    Kirala Kelle Estuary

    About 30 km from Koggala the Kirala Kelle Estuary consists of wetlands that attract birds, butterflies, fish and reptiles. The location has mangroves and shrub forests and is part of the Nilwala River basin. The area is being developed under the Ecotourism and community development.