The Koggala  


Things to do in Koggala

Check out the list of fun things to do in Koggala that range from a visit to a turtle hatchery and a visit to the Madoldoowa Island, that is rich in literary value. You can try some diving and snorkeling in the clear cool waters surrounding this paradise island. If you are feeling even more adventurous try your hand at some surfing at the Unawatuna Beach. Drive to Koggala to enjoy Spa treatments and unwind your mind and body as you are lulled into complete relaxation by the sound of the soft waves.

  • Turtle Hatchery

    Turtle Hatchery

    Opened in 1996 to help promote responsible tourism, the turtle hatchery aids conservation by buying the turtle eggs from the fishermen. This goes a long way towards discouraging them from selling the eggs for the purpose of food or poaching. A visit here goes a long way towards helping save the lives of these wonderous creatures as they are kept safe until they are ready to be released. If you are lucky you can experience the joy of releasing these baby turtles back into the ocean and leave with the knowledge that you played a part in helping a species survive.

  • Tea Factory/Spice Garden

    Tea Factory/Spice Garden

    Come and enjoy the excitement of having firsthand experience of a working Tea or Rubber Estate or learn the mystery of spices, at the Handunugoda Plantation and Tea Center which is a popular choice. The Habaradoowa Spice Garden is another place to see and learn about the spices and herbs that are used for cooking and medicinal purposes.

  • Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum

    Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum

    As the name suggests the Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum in Koggala showcases Sri Lanka’s cultural traditions. Avid readers of this distinguished and popular writer will recognize the locale as it features prominently in his work. It provides an insight into the heart of his literature, as visitors to this restored house can take in the personal collection of photographs, memorabilia and gather interesting information on the area. Fascinating details on tradition fishing to warding off evil spirits can be learnt as guests take in the clearly and precisely marked exhibits.

  • Stilt Fishing at Ahangama

    Stilt Fishing at Ahangama

    A unique attraction in Sri Lanka is the sight of the stilt fishermen. Practiced only in this region many a photograph has been taken of these fishermen perched on sticks in the sea as their fishing lines dangle in the water. It is an old form of fishing and requires great skill to do.

  • Dikwella Lace Centre

    Dikwella Lace Centre

    For souvenirs that show you care visit the Dikwella Lace Centre. Locally made crafts are the perfect way to remember your holiday to the island plus a great way to help the local communities earn revenue. The women of the Dikwella village have been crafting lace for generations using an age old traditional method known as ‘beeralu’. To learn more visit the museum to see how lace became so important to the Dikwella area.

  • Whale Watching in Mirissa

    Whale Watching in Mirissa

    It is always exhilarating to watch the majestic creatures of the sea, whales. Whale watching in Mirissa allows you a high chance of seeing these gorgeous creatures along with dolphins, turtles and other fish varieties. It is an activity that has to be experienced when visiting Koggala.